“AM” by Arctic Monkeys



Arctic Monkeys 11.11.14

The album “AM” is Arctic Monkeys’ fifth studio album in their discography. It came out in 2013 and was produced by James Ford and Ross Orton. It was recorded in two main locations: Sage & Sound Recording and Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree. With many popular songs on the album, it is very likely that you have heard at least one song before.

Arctic Monkeys is a rock band consisting of four members that include Alex Turner (vocalist), Jamie Cook (guitarist/keyboards), Matt Helders (drums), and Nick O’Malley (bass guitarist). The band was first formed back in 2002 and has been active since then.

AM” started its production in 2012 with the release of the single “R U Mine?” and “Do I Wanna Know?” These two singles would later be the first two songs listed on the album. This album takes and uses many elements from different types of rock such as blues rock, desert rock, and hard rock. “AM” also dips into the genre of R&B with the song “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”

From all of Arctic Monkeys’ albums, “AM” is one of their most successful albums to date, reaching top 10s in many charts, such as the UK Albums Chart. The song “Do I Wanna Know?” is the most popular, and it reached certified platinum in the US in 2017, four years after the album’s release.

Many of the songs on the album include heavy usage of instruments like the drums and the bass guitar. The first song “Do I Wanna Know?” has both guitar and bass guitar playing along with drums to set the beat. This song has Turner portraying himself as being obsessed with his love interest while they are not as serious as him.

“R U Mine?” also continues this theme of Turner being obsessed with his lover and begging for her affection. With the first line saying “I’m a puppet on a string,” it is assumed that he is basically under her control.

The third song on “AM,” “One For The Road,” somewhat hints to the fact that Turner is now able to leave a girl, although we do not know if it is the same girl from the previous songs. He wishes that he could get one last drink before he fortifies his decision to leave.

“Arabella” shows Turner praising his girlfriend for having similar features to a character called Barbarella, who is named within the first verse. He is using this song to show his appreciation for a girl in his life using many metaphors.

The song “I Want It All” does not have too much meaning with it. It is just Turner wanting everything, like the title suggests.

“No. 1 Party Anthem” has the slowest beat on the album with the drums and keyboard being used throughout the song. This song once again revolves around another woman, this time located inside of a club. It is also shown in this song that there is most likely competition for the lady.

The next two songs, “Mad Sounds” and “Fireside,” both include many instruments such as guitars, keyboards, and drums. “Mad Sounds” is about how music can heal while “Fireside” talks more about the difficulty of moving on.

The ninth song on “AM,” “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” uses more R&B over rock, and it is the shortest song on “AM.” Nick O’Mailey and Jamie Cook put in lots of effort creating the sound with the baritone, bass, and normal guitars.

The last three songs of the album, “Snap Out of It,” “Knee Socks,” and “I Wanna Be Yours,” are all love songs written by Turner. The first song of the three shows Turner asking a girl to forget about him, while the second song of the three shows Turner fantasizing about someone.

The last of the three, “I Wanna Be Yours,” is a rewritten musical version of a famous poem by John Cooper Clarke. Turner takes John’s poem and turns it into another love song for the “AM” album.

Overall, from top to bottom, “AM” is a 9/10 album with every song having a certain charm to it. The best song on the album has to be “Fireside” in my opinion, although “Do I Wanna Know?” and “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” have far more plays. “AM” by Arctic Monkeys is a classic and is a must for any person wanting to expand their taste in music or just interested in rock.