Best Controller to Play in Valorant




Best Controller to Play in Valorant
Valorant is a free online multiplayer game, having two teams of five people: one team attacking, another defending. You are also able to pick your agent to play for about 13 plus rounds. The attacker’s objective is to plant a spike while the defenders have to get rid of the spike.

When deciding which agent you want to play, it all depends on the map your team is playing on. A controller is a smoke character that can block areas for the team. The most picked controller in the game is Omen, and his pick rate is 5.5%. Omen is good at blocking the entries into the site so it is harder for the enemy to get in. However, what if I say there is probably a better controller agent to play that you are able to play on every map?

The controller agent that is most likely the best agent to play is Astra. She gets four smokes, but they cost $150 each, making it cost $600 for all four. The abilities that go with the smokes are free, which is Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, and Nebula.

Astra gets one Gravity Well; its purpose is to pull the enemies towards the middle then explode and bind the player, making them vulnerable for five seconds. Next is the Nova Pulse; this blinds the player when activated, concussing the player for four seconds by the blind. Last is the Nebula; he gets two Nebulas, but after 35 seconds, it comes back. Her ult is also good because it takes seven ult points. An ult is something that can attack or help the team in a way. It is a wall that the enemy cannot shoot through and will also cancel the audio.

If you know how to play Astra correctly, she can be an amazing controller to play in competitive. When playing competitively, you can rank up how skilled you are. It does involve some skill to play because you have to be good at multitasking to be able to play her. Because she has a lot of abilities, it will be harder to play and shoot at the enemies while also trying to get into the site. If you are able to multitask, Astra would be the best option as a controller. Being able to play Astra is good if you need a controller on your team!