Gemini Rights by Steve Lacy Review


Alexis Alvarez

Exciting graphic of singer Steve Lacy made by Alexis Alvarez.

Steve Lacy is a singer from Compton, California who has become a staple artist in the alternative and indie rock music scene. While he became known for some of his prior projects like “Apollo XXI” and “The Lo-fis,” his latest album “Gemini Rights” has taken the music industry, as well as social media, by storm. Together we will take a deeper look into each song on the album and give an overall review on “Gemini Rights.”

The first song on the album is called “Static” which is based on a dark story about Lacy and his ex-lover. It talks about how his ex-lover dealt with the hard emotions of the breakup by resorting to drugs. One of the main points that Lacy makes is his experience being a bisexual man and how he wanted his next romantic partner to be this girl due to his past experiences with men. This deeper yet relatable story has made “Static” one of the most popular songs on the album.

The next song “Helmet” once again talks about a failed past relationship. It is a story about a very clingy ex-partner of Lacy’s and his struggles to get out of this relationship. He also explains how he will not change himself to please someone he loves. This song has been on the more underappreciated side of the album, but it still tells a great story.

“Mercury” is the third song on the album. It is a very peppy sounding song that has quickly become a popular and fan favorite song on the album. The song talks about how, at the time he wrote the song, Venus was in retrograde which can have a big effect on romantic relationships depending on the zodiac signs of each partner.

The next song is “Buttons,” which is one of my personal favorites for many reasons. It is definitely on the much more calm side of the album. It mainly talks about the intense feelings towards a certain person and how he cannot seem to get that person off of his mind. The sound of this song is truly what makes it so appealing and a song that you can listen to over and over again.

The next song, which also happens to be the biggest hit, is “Bad Habit.” This song focuses on the very common experience of missing out on an opportunity to get involved with someone that they were interested in. The upbeat sound and relatable lyrics make it perfectly understandable how this is one of the hottest songs out at the moment.

The next song is a very short one named “2Gether (Enterlude)” which repeats the lyrics “Together forever” to yet again express how Lacy feels about the specific person that this song is about.

“Cody Freestyle” is the next song on the album. It is a song that explains the experience of losing feelings for a person that you were romantically involved with. This song has also been on the more underappreciated side, even with its relatable and meaningful lyrics.

“Amber” is the eighth song on the album, and it is about the struggle of not being able to be with the person you love. It focuses on the longing feeling that one may have when separated from their partner. This song is one of the most beautiful songs on the album when it comes to beats and background music which makes it a great listen.

As we get closer and closer to the end of the album, the song “Sunshine,” featuring rising artist Foushee, is a very upbeat song that explains the feeling that one may have after losing someone they love and wanting to have a second chance with that person.

Last but definitely not least, we hear “Give You the World” which has also become one of the most popular songs on the album, and for good reason. It is a song that represents one partner in the relationship begging for forgiveness to heal their relationship. Lacy’s voice truly makes this song a beautiful listen each time.

That is a wrap on Steve Lacy’s newest album “Gemini Rights,” and it is a project that I think everyone should experience at least once. My personal rating would be an overall 9/10. It is an album that I think will continue to flourish due to its relatability and replay value.