How Climate Change is Affecting Us



Factory Chimney Smoke

Climate change is affecting us from rising temperatures to increased hurricane destruction. It is only a matter of time until we drown ourselves in regret for not changing our ways. Now, how is climate change impacting people around the world?

Climate change is affecting the people of China and the Middle East. This is because the rivers are drying up in China’s Sichuan province. 80 percent of the electrical capacity comes from hydropower, so when the Yangtze River started to dry up, all factories were forced to close for a total of six days.

The shutdown of the factories may cause the cost of lithium to increase. This is because the Sichuan province is China’s lithium mining hub. Therefore, the cost of electric vehicles may rise because electric cars use lithium.

In the Middle East, the water reservoirs by the Euphrates River have had a big decrease in water levels. Lake Dukan is one of the reservoirs. The low water levels are alarming for the farmers because it will affect their harvest. The government has estimated that the whole Tigris and Euphrates River will dry up by 2040.

Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are already big enough of a problem, but because of the increased global temperatures, they will grow in size. The UN says that climate change will increase the major tropical cyclones proportions all around the world, as well as the heavy rainfall that is connected with these events.

With climate change affecting the world around us at this moment and in the future, how do you think climate change will affect you?