Which Fruit Do People Like More?

There are many arguments regarding what fruit most people prefer. In recent studies, bananas were Americans’ top preferred fruit. Many people agree with this statement because they love how bananas are very nutritious and healthy. Around 75 percent of people who buy bananas appreciate the fact that they only have about 105 calories.

People who buy bananas also love how they have many nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, magnesium, copper and manganese. Bananas can affect your appetite as well as minimize cramps and soreness.

Although bananas are the number one preferred fruit, coming in second place are apples. A number of people prefer apples because they carry a lot of vitamin C. Many also like apples because not only do they have a sweet and delicious taste, but they also keep your red blood cells and nervous system healthy.

Apples and bananas are the top two most preferred fruits in America. Everybody loves how they have a sweet and delicious taste and how healthy they are for you.

So many people have still argued why other fruits are not loved as much as those top two. Although we already have designated the top two fruits, another fruit people seem to really enjoy are grapes.

Grapes are described as healthy and delicious. Although, if you eat too many grapes you can get high blood sugar because they carry lots of sugar. An interview conducted on Canyon’s campus asked people which fruit they prefer. Brianna Gustafson, a freshman at Canyon, said, ‘’I would typically prefer cherries because they have a delicious sweet juice that has lots of flavor.”

Although people would pick bananas as their top preferred fruit, many still have different preferences. In that case, many people have different tastes, but bananas are the most liked fruit.

If I asked you what your favorite fruit is, would you have said bananas or something different?