Why Does Everyone Love Rain So Much?

Why do most people like rain so much? While I personally love rain, I am not the only one. A lot of people love the rain and are excited when they find out that there is going to be rain that day, even if they are at school and have to walk around in the rain all day.

Rain is fun to play around in, and it is also fun to just watch the rain from inside your car or house. Even though the cartoons or movies make it seem like rain should have a bad effect on your day and that rain is something sad, in real life, it evokes a completely different feeling.

When it is raining, I associate it with positive and happy memories or feelings, like the feeling of watching a movie while the rain drops run down the windows. I also think of memories like playing out in the rain with friends at school or home and those memories make me happier for the rest of the day. One Penn State student states that, “a lot of people are immediately happier and can completely alter their mood for the rest of the day.” I think that this is because they also associate rain with positive memories or feelings as well.

Rain is one of the most fun types of weather to play around in. I wish everyday would be a rainy day, and many people probably wish the same. What is your favorite weather?