Best Initiator to Play in Valorant




Best Initiator to Play in Valorant
Valorant is a free, mutli-player game where you can play with friends and people all over the world! When playing, there are two teams with five people on each side. You are able to choose from many characters to play and have to plant a spike down or kill the other team to win a round.

As an initiator, a player’s job is to get the enemy team out of their hiding spots when trying to take a site. This means they are trying to take site control in the game, having a safe space for their team to get the spike planted.

There are five initiators in the game. While each has their own abilities for the team, the initiator named “KAY/O” is a good choice when playing. His abilities are a knife, two flash grenades, an exploding ball, and an ultimate which suppresses the enemy team and removes their abilities. When he dies, he is able to get revived within a certain amount of time. The ultimate is something you can not buy with credits; therefore, to get ultimate credits, you have to kill the enemy team or die each round.

KAY/O’s knife can be thrown, sticks to any surface, and suppresses the enemies, removing their abilities for eight seconds. The knife is free each round played. His two flash grenades cost 250 credits that you get every time your team wins or loses a round. The flash can be thrown either overhand or underhand. The exploding ball costs 200 credits; he throws it to a spot that needs to be cleared fast.

His ultimate is beneficial because the enemy team is unable to use their own abilities during its duration, and your team is able to use abilities towards the enemy team. When he dies while his team still has people alive, he is able to get revived. Also, when he is downed, his ultimate will still work and suppress the enemy. He needs seven ultimate points to activate this ability.

Valorant can be a fun game to play with friends or to play alone. Other agents in the game are easier to play, whereas KAY/O is on the more difficult side. However, once you learn how to play, he can be a fun agent.