Do Students Prefer an Outside or Inside Campus?

Do students prefer walking into a school with fresh air blowing on them and trees gently swaying back and forth above them, or would they rather walk into a big building with better safety and security? Well, I interviewed some high school students for their opinion, and they had a lot to say.

Many students might feel more secure and sheltered with an indoor school because of the walls built around the campus.

Brianna Gustafon, a student at Canyon High School, says, “I personally prefer indoor schools because you feel more comfortable with cameras all over the school ready to report if an intruder enters the building.” Brianna enjoys the feeling of being protected with better security. It is better to be safe than outside in the sun, in her opinion.

Despite this, other students have reported feeling more free and happier surrounded by trees and grass because they think it helps better with their studies.

Another student at Canyon High School, Mia Vasquez states, “I think outside schools are better because they allow students to have a fresh breath of air and also get to run outside which can help them when they have a big test upcoming.” She would rather not feel stuffy and instead be in the breeze and under the trees.

People might agree with Mia or Brianna, but overall, the school’s campus depends really on the environment. They both have valid reasons, yet not all schools are outdoor; however, that does not mean that they are all indoor either. Most of the time, the school does not depend on the students for their answers on certain topics like this.