Nikola Tesla



Nikola Tesla postcard (Serbia) bought in Belgrade

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer. He created many things like the Tesla coil and alternating current, which helped transform the electrical industry.

One of Tesla’s most famous inventions was the Tesla coil. This invention was created to transmit electricity wirelessly. He changed our way of thinking about how electricity worked because he was the first to theorize that electricity could transmit wirelessly and successfully did it. Many things like radio and television use a variation of the Tesla coil.

Tesla also created the first alternating current (AC). The AC was used as an alternative to direct current (DC). This was because DC ran continuously in direction, but it could not easily convert to high or low voltages. The way AC works is that it reverses the direction at a certain number of times per second. Using a transformer, it can easily change to different voltages. Tesla’s discovery of the AC made things like motors, fans, and air conditioning possible.

Tesla was able to create one of the first wireless remote controls. The wireless remote control was a box with a lever and telegraphy key. It sent signals to a miniature boat that shifted electrical contacts on the boat, which was able to adjust the settings of rudder and propeller. This allowed Tesla to control where the boat was going. Tesla wanted this to be of use for the U.S. Navy, but it was not well suited for war. Although, the remote was able to spread to many different types of equipment.

Nikola Tesla is considered to be one of the greatest inventors in human history. His breakthroughs allowed humankind to advance and change the world in a positive way. What do you think about Nikola Tesla?