The Watcher Movie Review


Cyan Biles

Being watched

“The Watcher” is a Netflix series that contains events that happened to a family in New Jersey in 2014. Maria and Derek, the real couple this happened to, were the inspiration for this show. I mainly wanted to watch this movie because I knew it would be a great one with the famous Ryan Murphy directing it.

What happened in the show was a tragedy that all started with the Brannok family. They were a middle class, low-income family that had just moved to New Jersey. Their family was made up of their daughter Ellie, their son Carter, and their mother and father Nora and Dean.

The Brannock family bought a luxury mansion for a suspiciously cheap price by Nora’s old high school friend Karen Calhoun who happened to be their realtor. After moving into this unreal and beautiful abode, things got strange. The family started to experience a weird feeling that things at this home were not quite what they seemed, and they were right.

Soon they would find weird things happening in their house. Dead things showing up left and right. One of these paranormal things included letters arriving every week. These letters started off innocent, but they soon became repulsive. They all said the same sickening thing: “I’m watching you.”

This movie left my stomach twisting and turning with the amount of jump scares, surprises, and plot twists. I really liked the ending, but it left me with an odd feeling, as if it was unfinished because they did not give us the real watcher. This was most likely because the real family this story was based on did not find out their real watcher either. It was unsolved.