What Happens in the After Life?




The concept of death has been established for billions of years. Ever since the first living organism to now, over millions of living beings are dying. What happens once you die? Do you get reincarnated? Do you turn into a spirit? Have you ever thought of the afterlife? What is it?

For starters, if you believe in another life after this one, then you might believe in something called the afterlife. The purpose of the afterlife is the continuation of your life after your soul leaves your physical body. But with your soul flying, it is bound to settle somewhere else. Iconic haunted dolls like Robert and Anabelle have been made into movies because of the possession of dolls. Now, why are these specific dolls considered “haunted”? Haunted is when a doll becomes possessed by some unwanted spirit, as said in CollectorsWeekly.

Why do these spirits possess dolls out of everything else? It is mainly because of the physical vessel that attracts spirits. Although, people can manifest unwanted beings into objects. The more you believe that an object is haunted then the universe will manifest itself to become that.

What will happen to your physical body though? With your soul gone, your physical body is left. Your body would eventually turn into bones and would stay in the ground.