Which Eye Color Is The Rarest?


Poetic Vagabond

I see trees of green, skies of blue

There have been many arguments as to which eye color is the rarest. Although many people have their own personal opinion, everyone is trying to come to a conclusion.

In recent studies researchers have come to the conclusion that green eyes are the rarest. If you have green eyes, you are in luck. Americans with green eyes are found to be the most attractive.

One problem with the color of eyes is that it is impossible to predict what color their orbs will be. Many people have this problem when they are trying to decorate a new baby’s nursery, but they want it based on their eye color. According to AARP, the most common eye color is brown. Over half of the entire world has brown eyes. People have said that melanin has helped protect people from the sun’s damaging rays.

If you have a little melanin, then your eyes would appear blue. People who have more melanin would have green or hazel eyes.

Freshman Mariah Hawkins said, ‘’I think gray eyes are the rarest because you wouldn’t think anyone has gray eyes, but when you see them, they look really cool!’’

In that case, many people still have their own personal opinion as to which eye color they think is the rarest, but with tests and studies done, researchers have in fact confirmed that the rarest eye color is green.

Although many people want green eyes, other colored eyes can also be really beautiful! If I went up to you and asked you for your opinion, what would have been your response?