Secret Santa


Alice Harold


Throughout the world, Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays, and there are many different ways people enjoy celebrating this holiday. Decorating houses with Christmas lights is just one of the things people do in light of this holiday. However, this is not the only way to celebrate though, because there are many more ways, like Secret Santa!

Secret Santa is a fun, festive tradition between friends or family during Christmas time. It is a western tradition and is popular among teenagers.

The rules of the tradition are to write down the names of everyone who is participating in the game and place it into a bowl. Then, everyone gets a chance to pick a name out of the bowl without looking. The catch is that they cannot tell anyone which person they chose.

Everyone then prepares a gift to give to the person they have chosen. Finally, on the day that was arranged, each person gives and receives a gift.

The tradition is fun because you can enjoy the mystery of who will be giving you a present. You also enjoy knowing who you will give your gift to. The feeling of receiving a gift from someone you would not have expected as well as getting to see the person you have gifted smile with joy can warm your heart.

Writer Annik Brar from American House explains, “Larry Dean Stewart, came up with the idea of giving mystery gifts during the holiday season.” Apparently, he donated $100 dollars to people in the state of Kansas. He continued to donate more money to other people and places and then was given a nickname. “Stewart came out as the “Secret Santa,” states Wendy Lu from Bustle. This kind gesture sparked the gift giving spirit and created the famous tradition, Secret Santa!