Senior Quotes


Brenna Sosa

Canyon High School class of 2020 senior portraits.

As the end of the semester approaches, seniors all over the country are beginning to think about what they want their senior quote to be. Senior quotes were originally meant to be a way for the graduating class to sum up their high school academic life but have turned into something more.

Now, senior quotes are meant to be a way to leave your final impression on your peers and your school as you embark on the next stage in your life.

However, this seemingly fun tradition can quickly become controversial.

It may seem nice to be able to have whatever you want as your quote, but students are still expected to follow some guidelines to ensure nothing inappropriate is printed. Any bad language, drug references, or any phrase that discriminates against any person or group is prohibited by most schools when it comes to what students are allowed to put in their quotes.

Though, at some schools, the question of what should and should not be allowed to be put in the yearbook is one of great disagreement.

At a high school in Wisconsin, senior quotes were put to an end after a student submitted a quote from Adolf Hitler. Though the quote itself did not say anything explicit, many parents complained to the school that it was inappropriate to put a quote from a Nazi leader in the yearbook. The school had previous issues with students submitting quotes that pushed the boundaries of what is allowed, and administrators came to the conclusion that the best solution would be to revoke the senior privilege of having senior quotes.

At another high school closer to home, California High School in San Ramon, California, has expressed some issues with senior quotes at their school. On their student news site, Shiphrah Moses and Sydney Cicchitto wrote an article at the end of last school year about some of the senior quotes that were denied at their school.

Many students were upset and confused when they were told that their senior quotes were not going to be put in the yearbook regardless of them not breaking any guidelines. The school has since said they will be doing more in the future to ensure that wrongful denials will be lessened.

Here at Canyon, students are usually asked in the weeks leading up to winter break to submit their senior quotes through a Google form sent out via email by the yearbook team. Since we are only a few weeks away from the end of the fall semester, many seniors are beginning to think about what they want their quotes to be.

When asked about her opinion regarding senior quotes, senior Isabella Jimenez said, “I think senior quotes are super fun, honestly they are the first things I want to look at in the yearbook! Some of them are really funny. I especially like the ones that are connected between two best friends.”

I also asked Isabella if she had put any thought into her own quote yet: “Honestly I haven’t thought much about my senior quote, I’m just trying to get through college apps right now.”

Another senior, Allison Berkeland, says, “I like the idea of senior quotes because they not only allow the senior to express themselves, whether it be in a comedic manner or more serious; but they also are something for the senior class to look back on. I’m not completely sure what my senior quote will be, but I’m leaning towards an inside joke between myself and a couple close friends.”

So, seniors, be on the lookout for an email from the yearbook staff to submit your parting words as you look forward to the future.