The Recent New Agent in Valorant


Lawson Andrew

Valorant Hesap

The game Valorant, by Riot Games, has produced a new agent. This is especially noteworthy because Riot does not tend to produce new characters for Valorant because it takes a lot of time and energy that other Riot games might need.

The new agent named Harber is known as a water agent; this is mostly for lore and is not needed to know when playing. He is also a controller, meaning his job is to get his team into the site and make sure they are safe. His abilities are a High Tide, Cove that costs 350 credits, Cascade that costs 150 credits, and his ultimate, named Reckoning, is 7 ult points.

His ability, named High Tide, is a wall that can be moved while you move your mouse, meaning it can go through walls. This can be used while trying to cover entry ways for your team to get into the site without worrying about the enemy team. His wall is able to slow down the enemy for a short amount of time; the disadvantage of this is it does slow down your own teammates.

The ability called Cove is a shield of water that can be thrown. It can also be used to cover an entry point or to cover up the spike for the person to plant it without worrying about dying. This can be shot down and broken; once broken, it disappears.

The Cascade is a wall that can only go forward and stop. You can use this to cover an entry point because it is just a wall. His ultimate, Reckoning, follows the enemy team that is in a certain area of his ult. If the enemy team stands long enough, they will be concussed, and you will be able to find the enemy much easier. This is perfect to use to clear the site and get on safely, if needed.

Because the agent is new, he will be getting fixed, so he will not be too overpowered. He can be a good agent to try out if you want to have fun and not take the game too seriously. He is an easy agent to understand every ability.