Wednesday Review

On Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022, the series “Wednesday” directed by Tim Burton was released. It’s loosely based on the Addams Family, which was created by Charles Addams.

The Addams family was originally a single-panel cartoon released in 1938 in New York. The series was original in the sense that it portrayed a family that is strange and spooky, but it was a loving family at heart. This is one of the reasons the Addams family is so popular; so much so that even a TV sitcom based on the family was released in 1964.

Later, movies surrounding the family were released like “The Addams Family” in 1991, “Addams Family Values” in 1993, and two animated movies in 2019 and 2021. Now, with the release of “Wednesday,” fans are excited to see a story focusing on Wednesday Addams as she navigates her life as a highschooler.

The series stars Jenna Ortega as Wednesday. Wednesday gets suspended from her high school for attempted murder. Her parents, Morticia Addams, played by Catherine Zeta Jones, and Gomez Addams, played by Luis Guzman, send her to Nevermore Academy. In the words of Gomez, “It’s a magical place.” He wasn’t wrong.

Nevermore is filled with vampires, sirens, gorgons, werewolves, and more; it was a school for those who do not fit in. At first, Wednesday is not open to attending, but once murder and mayham start ascending on the campus, she decides to stay around. Wednesday realizes that there is more to Nevermore than meets the eye, like “secret societies, hidden libraries, [and] a homicidal monster.”

Wednesday’s personality in the series is blunt, witty, and sarcastic. Usually this is not a good combination for a character, but Wednesday manages to pull it off in a way where these traits add to Wednesday’s charm. Tim Burton does a good job of making Wednesday similar to her other versions, yet unique and refreshing.

The show also has very interesting relationships that keep you on your toes. There is a rivalry, a love triangle, and friendship and family tension. It is nice to see the interactions Wednesday has with others in the series. Some fans, however, do not like the romance involved in “Wednesday.” I think it is nice to see how Wednesday’s cold personality manages to get people to fall for her. As the series progresses, Wednesday matures as a person from her personal interactions.

The scenes in “Wednesday” are beautifully done. It is able to captivate the watcher and enhances the story. This really makes “Wednesday” stand out compared to other shows. If you enjoy watching suspense, horror, comedy, and supernatural genres, you should watch Wednesday; it’s to die for.