Which Hair Color Is The Rarest?


Alexis Alvarez

Hair colors

Many questions are being raised regarding which hair color is the rarest. There have been recent studies about the discussion, and they all say red hair is the rarest hair color. The reason being is because only one to two percent of the world’s population are redheads. Red hair is only common in the British Isles.

Red hair is seen as a unique hair color because red hair can come in many different shades of red. In order for someone to be born with red hair, both parents must carry and pass on a mutated version of the MC1R gene.

Because red hair is the rarest, we do not see it often because many people do not like the color and decide to bleach it or dye it another color.

Other than red hair, there is also a very common hair color: black hair.

Recent research shows that the most common hair color is black hair, with 75-85 percent of the world’s population having black hair.

Now, some may be asking, what is the second rarest hair color? The answer is blonde hair. Despite only two to three percent of the world’s population having natural blonde hair, many people choose to dye it to that color. Shades of blonde hair include warm tones like caramel, sandy, dirty blonde, and more.

I interviewed Dayanari Jaramillo, a freshman at Canyon High School, and asked her which hair color she thinks is the rarest and she responded with this: ‘’I think ginger hair is rarest because not many people have this hair color, and it’s rare to see someone with this hair color.’’ Therefore many people have their own opinions as to which hair color is the rarest.