Which Holiday Does Fall Remind People Of?



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Fall is an amazing season which can bring many feelings, but when thinking of a holiday, what do people imagine? The trees have changed into the colors of red, orange, and yellow with the green fading away. It is truly a sight to remember. Yet many people might have different associations when they think of the fall season.
I interviewed some students at Canyon High School to see their opinions. I have found that some might be reminded of the smell of a great feast to remind us what to be thankful for. Azul Alba, a freshman, states, “I’m thinking of Thanksgiving because it isn’t too cold, it’s just in between, plus Thanksgiving is close and I love Thanksgiving.”
Then again, others might see as the weather changes and the trees change colors a different holiday is approaching with the jingles of bells and presents everywhere. Sophomore John Ashdown explains, “I’m thinking of Christmas since it’s a bigger holiday which I’m more excited for. It’s a bigger holiday to me and my family because my family decorates for Christmas unlike Thanksgiving.”
Christmas is during winter which is after fall, unlike Thanksgiving which takes place in fall. So, the logical answer would be Thanksgiving because it is closer than Christmas at the moment, but Thanksgiving is not celebrated as much as Christmas. That is why Thanksgiving is often forgotten, and instead, people are excited for Christmas.
Both holidays are great, but it really depends on the holiday the person prefers. Anyone could be feeling festive for the turkey dinner or the presents under the tree, but both holidays should be celebrated and excited for.