lego flower

In 1932, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, founded the LEGO group and started to build wooden toys. The company then experimented with different plastics to find the perfect formula to create the fun, colorful bricks we all know and love.

In 1949, the LEGO group gave the plastic bricks the name: ‘Automatic Binding Bricks.’ They created their first LEGO set with the ‘Automatic Binding Bricks.’ The set came with plastic bricks that allowed people to build houses in various ways, but unfortunately, they were originally only sold in Denmark. The reason why they were unable to sell them in places besides Denmark is because “LEGO did not have the legal requirements.”

In 1953, the LEGO group finally sold their first LEGO set outside of Denmark. Many LEGO toys were sold in Norway with their most popular toy being the Chevrolet truck range.

Eventually, the LEGO system expanded and sold LEGO sets in more places around the world. As they expanded, they created large LEGO bricks meant for children and people with small hands. This product was named ‘LEGO Duplo.’

As more people bought LEGO sets, the LEGO group decided to make some more complex sets for older children. They developed ‘LEGO Technic,’ a car, as one of their first sets with wheels. Later on, they made more car sets of various brands like Bugatti, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, and others.

Years later, the LEGO group stepped up and made even cooler sets. They made themed sets like the Infinity Gauntlet, Vincent Van Gogh-The Starry Night, Hogwarts Castle, and many more. Their most popular sets right now are their flower bouquet, the Eiffel Tower (about four feet tall), the Vespa, and the Spider-Man figure.

Although there are many LEGO sets to choose from, many people are excited for the new set that they are going to be releasing this April: Carl’s house from Pixar’s movie “Up.”