CMIYGL: The Estate Sale by Tyler, the Creator


Steve Galli

Tyler The Creator 6

In 2021, artist Tyler, the Creator released his album “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST.” 2 years later, he released the deluxe version of the album named “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale.”

This deluxe version contains eight new songs with Vince Staples, A$AP Rocky, YG, and DJ Drama as featured artists. The first song is an interlude named “EVERYTHING MUST GO.”

The first new song on the deluxe is “STUNTMAN,” featuring Vince Staples. The lyrics and beat in this song reminds many listeners of Tyler’s previous album, “Cherry Bomb.” The whole song has Staples and Tyler bragging about their expensive belongings like cars, jewelry, and properties.

“WHAT A DAY,” is the second song, and it starts out with a sample from DJ Madlib called “What a Day.” Madlib also produced this song, giving it a very peaceful vibe with the beat and sample complementing each other.

Featuring A$AP Rocky, “WHARF TALK” is the next song in the deluxe. This song is accompanied with a music video. Tyler talks about a girl whom he loves dearly and wants to spend his life with, saying things like: “I want you… to come get lost with me.” Throughout the song, it appears that she doesn’t give him an answer immediately, causing him to beg for her to come with him.

“DOGTOOTH” was the first song of the deluxe to be shown to the public by Tyler prior to the full release, and it was also accompanied by a music video.

“HEAVEN TO ME” has a music video as well, making it the third music video so far of all the new songs. This song samples “Heaven” by John Legend, giving this song another peaceful vibe to it. The beat is also produced by Kanye West/Ye.

The next song, “BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND,” features artist YG. This song may be familiar to those who watched the “CORSO” music video on Tyler, the Creator’s YouTube channel since it was played in that video. In the song, Tyler seems to be asking someone to be his significant other by saying, “You should be my boyfriend, girlfriend.”

The final song of “The Estate Sale” is “SORRY NOT SORRY.” This song is a masterpiece and cannot be fully appreciated or understood by only listening to the song. This is the final song that has a music video, and the video is 100% worth the watch.

Starting with a sample of “He Made You Mine” by Brighter Side of Darkness, the lyrics go on to have Tyler saying both sincere apologies to those he has hurt and sarcastic sorries to those he doesn’t care about and who try to leech off him. He starts out with the most sincere apology addressed to his mother saying “I’m sorry that the four minutes where you see your son could feel like a chore.” He then goes on to say sorry to his sister, his old friends, namely the OddFuture group, saying how they could have written many stories together if “our egos didn’t take the pen.” He also says sorry to past significant others by saying, “Sorry to the guys I had to hide…Sorry to the girls I had to lie to” showing both sides of his relationships regarding how he lied to girls about his sexuality and how he had to hide guys so he wouldn’t be made fun of.

He also sarcastically says sorry to the paparazzi and how they are always trying to get into Tyler’s personal life without him wanting them to.

The video part of this song shows more depth on this song’s meaning, as all of Tyler’s personas are present with their signature clothing. In the video, some of Tyler’s personas sing when something involving their album comes up. The video also has two parts, which includes a viewing room and the ‘stage’ where the Tylers are. In the viewing room there are all the people who Tyler is saying sorry to, all having different emotions towards him.

The personas of “Goblin” and Baudelaire sing the most in this song. While Baudelaire does most of the sincere apologies, “Goblin” is more rash and speaks more sarcastically. These two personas show which of Tyler’s personas have impacted him the most.

The biggest crucial detail that appears in the music video is the true Tyler’s actions throughout the duration of the video. At 1:42, the true Tyler seems to walk off screen while all the others continue acting like themselves and singing at their parts. Soon, we see close shots of the true Tyler walking around and then one or more of the personas are gone from the frame.

This shows how Tyler is getting rid of his personas in order to become himself again. At 2:00, we see a persona being tackled. This persona was from the album “Cherry Bomb.” Once the camera shows the full frame of them all, there are only four left with the characters of “IGOR,” “Flower Boy,” and the previously mentioned “Cherry Bomb” all missing.

Very quickly, once the persona for the album “Wolf” starts singing, he gets dragged off screen by the true Tyler. After the final verse from Baudilaire, we see the true Tyler approach and pin the last persona down to get rid of him. With the true Tyler beating Baudelaire, we see that he has finally gotten rid of them all and is free from them occupying his mind.

“CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale” was an immediate hit with all the new releases being loved by fans. Tyler himself has said that most of the new songs were simply songs that didn’t make it into the original release of the album. “SORRY NOT SORRY” had many wondering what is next for Tyler, the Creator, as it seems he is stepping into a new era of music.

Personally, I believe all of the new releases are amazing and are worth it for anyone to listen to, as each song is different, and one might be just your taste. If you haven’t already, give this album a listen so you can experience it for yourself.