“DUFF” Movie Review


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The duff characters

The “DUFF” is a movie produced by Lionsgate Films. Bianca, the main character, is known as the “DUFF” when talked about in her trio. When someone is called the “DUFF,” it means that you’re considered the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” This movie is a romcom and a great watch for a laugh. It’s predictable but still interesting.

This movie changed my perspective on things. It showed me that words can hurt people way more than you think. It also showed me that not only can your friends take words harsher than you think, they sometimes dwell on it and need someone to talk to.

This is a very predictable movie because it is about an “ugly” girl who is bullied and gets in a relationship with a popular boy, who befriended her, which caused them to fall in love. An evil, conniving popular girl tries to ruin their relationship, just like in every predictable teen movie. It’s cliche, but also just like another romcom that ends the same way, but with an added element, or in other words, being called the “DUFF.”

Though it is very stereotypical, it is also inspiring in many ways, like how it shows the message of not caring about what others think of you and just do you no matter what their opinions are.

It made me think about being more careful of what I say to my friends and not just take what they’re saying with a grain of salt. The movie inspired me to be more considerate because one word can change someone’s life or the way they think about themselves. Bianca’s friends weren’t really there for her until the end; they weren’t considerate of her feelings and didn’t even give her the time of day to understand her and why she feels the way she feels, which upset me.

In conclusion, this movie is a great example of treating others better and watching your words, because it can hurt someone more than you think. This is a must watch and a great movie for you and your friends to watch.