Fashion Showcase


Carlos Gonzalez

Behind the scenes

On April 21, 2023, the Fashion Club held their fashion showcase. Tickets for the event were $5, and the show started at 7 p.m. This year’s theme was Broadway, and four musicals were chosen for each line of outfits. The four musicals were: “Hairspray,” “Heathers,” “La La Land,” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Now, let’s see a runthrough of the events.

To start the showcase, Bailey Bond sang the song “Good Morning Baltimore” from the musical “Hairspray.” Bond’s singing was charming and confident. It was clear to the audience that Bond has a passion for singing. The song made a great entry for the line of clothing inspired by “Hairspray.”

For those who haven’t watched “Hairspray,” it is set in the 1960s. Some of the trends of the 1960’s were polka dots, bright colors, floral patterns, color block dresses, and more. The members Alina Benitez, Daniela Reyes, Emily Westendorff and Josalyn Kong, did a wonderful job pulling off this decade.

The next person to perform was Kayla Snyder. She sang “I’d Rather Be Me” from the musical “Mean Girls.” Snyder sang clearly and unapologetically; the way she sang suited the song nicely.

After Snyder’s performance, the line for “Heathers” was presented, with members Adam Barber, Liberty Floyd, and Andrea Flores. “Heathers” is set in the 1980s where plaid, pleated skirts, structured blazers, and sweater vests were all the rage. This group of members did a good job pulling off this school-girl look.

Reading poetry was a task taken on by Emily Sandovol. She read two of her original poems called “How Much is Too Much” and “The End of the Beginning.” Her poems were deep and powerful.

At the show, the audience got a preview of two of the songs that are going to be in Canyon High School Theater’s production of “Rent.” The first song, “Take Me or Leave Me,” was performed by Mack Crawford and Hannah Dodge. The second song was “Another Day” sung by Matias Berrios and Sophia Lopez. Both groups’ performances were fantastic.

Intermission was held after the “Rent” songs. Family and friends were able to buy snacks and drinks outside of the PAC which were sold by National Honors Society Members.

Fashion Club members’ work was not the only type of art shown at the showcase. There was also artwork on display from Sienna Salas, Alex Dominiguez, Valeria Tiznado, and Marisol Aquirre. During intermission, guests could take a look at their art pieces.

Mack Crawford performed after intermission. The song she sang was “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from “Jesus Christ Superstar.” This beautiful song was sung by such a beautiful voice.

The next song was “City of Stars” from the musical “La La Land.” Josh Reynoso sang this wonderfully tragic, yet sweet song.

“City of Stars” was a great way to transition to the “La La Land” musical outfits. The members who worked on “La La Land” inspired outfits are Adam Barber, Liberty Floyd, and Andrea Flores.

Floyd and Barber also played “Sebastian and Mia’s Theme” from “La La Land” afterward. Floyd played the harp, and Barber played the violin. Their musical talent brought a mesmerizing performance to the crowd.

The duo Marley Garner and Tali Lazar sang the song “For Good” from “Wicked.” They have performed before at the talent show rallies and amazed the crowd with their incredible talent. This power duo has never failed to impress the audience.

The last fashion line was based on “Alice in Wonderland.” The people who worked on the outfits were Maya Evans, Taylor Zahrt and Daniela Amador. Each of their outfits were based on a different wonderland character. The five characters were Alice, Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar and the Mad Hatter.

Two more songs followed to end the showcase. The first song was “Winner Takes it All” from “Mama Mia,” sung by Daniela Reyes. Seamus Floyd sang the last song in the showcase: “My Way” from “Sing,” which was a great way to end the showcase and pull it all together.

After, all the Fashion Club members and performers went on stage to take a bow. They all worked hard to make the show happen on stage and behind the scenes.

The experience was great for everyone involved. People were encouraging and supportive. A fun environment for the audience and those on and behind the stage was created. The models did a great job walking the runway, and the outfits were great. Overall, these Canyon students were able to pull off their own version of Broadway.