Gym Recommendation

Mike Mozart

Planet Fitness, Brooklyn, New York, pics by Mike Mozart on

As summer approaches, many people are looking forward to the warmer weather. If you are interested in getting fit this summer, you can workout.

A workout is ideal to do at a gym. There are many local gyms in Santa Clarita, but one of the best is Planet Fitness on Soledad Canyon Road. This gym is one of the best because of how friendly it is for people with social anxiety and how great the interior is.

This gym is great for people that struggle with social anxiety. One reason would be the fact that, on the online website, it features a crowd meter. This meter shows you how many people are in the gym working out. So, if you’re insecure, or if you prefer to avoid being around crowds of people, then you could visit the gym when the meter is low.

Another great feature is their Lunk Alarm. This is a giant buzzer inside of the gym which rings if someone is a lunk. A lunk, according to Planet Fitness, is “[slang] one who grunts, drops weights or judges.” If someone causes this alarm to trigger, then they will either be kicked out or worse, suspended.

The specific Plant Fitness on Soledad also has an awesome interior. The gym is not too big nor too small; it’s just about the perfect size. They also have a great amount of machines so you won’t have to wait to go on their treadmills.

There is a separate place in the gym, which has a variety of different massage chairs to relax your muscles after an intense workout. Some of the chairs they have to offer are your ordinary massage chair, which massages you from your neck to your legs. A very interesting one is their hydro massage which uses heated and cooled water to calm down your muscles.

In short, Planet Fitness on Soledad is a fantastic option if you or someone you know is looking for a nice and welcoming gym to become a member of.