Jorts Season


Sophie Alvarez

someone wearing jorts

Many people may wonder what the suddenly popular jorts are. Jorts are jean shorts with a length that is a little bit above the knee, at the knee, or below the knee. These shorts are the perfect clothing for spring and summer!

In fact, many people have been going crazy about them and have been saying that jorts are the only clothing they are looking forward to wearing this summer. They have also been cutting their jeans into shorts.

Many predictions have been made about jorts being a very popular clothing item for this upcoming summer. I think it may be true because I have seen many people wearing them, and I have seen them all over social media.

On social media, people have shown the different ways they style their jorts. Many wear them with over sized t-shirts, cropped shirts, and jerseys. In addition, individuals have said that their favorite brands for jorts are Wrangler, Levi’s, JNCO, Carhartt, and some small businesses that sell them.

But when were jorts officially invented and by who? There was never a specific person that invented jorts, but they first appeared in the 1960s. Men were the first to wear them, and later on, women decided to wear them as well. But after a while, people stopped wearing them because they went out of fashion. Not too long ago, jorts reappeared and many people have been wearing them.

As the weather starts to get hotter, whether you’re a fan of them or not, myself and many others are excited to wear jorts.