Legendary’s Godzilla



Cave Paintings Of Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla is a sci-fi monster created all the way back in 1954. The original “Godzilla” was made in Japan under the name “Gojira” and was directed by Ishirō Honda. The monster symbolized the destruction that atomic bombs would do to cities.

Now, a newer rendition of this famous monster has been produced by the American company, Legendary Pictures. They have made a total of three movies on Godzilla so far and currently have one in production.

The three movies that Legendary’s Godzilla has starred in are “Godzilla,” “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” and “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

Each movie shows a newer version of Godzilla that is more of a docile creature rather than a destroyer. Godzilla’s purpose on this fictional Earth is to keep the balance of life protected from any threat.

The first movie released in 2014, “Godzilla,” starts off in 1999 in the Philippines where a giant skeleton along with a huge dirt trail leading to sea are seen. Besides Godzilla, the main characters of this movie include Lieutenant Ford, a military personnel, Dr. Ishirō Serizawa, who works for the monarch group, and a couple of other characters.

The movie then cuts to the present. We see Ford getting sent to Japan where a MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) comes out of an egg. This MUTO uses an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) to shut down all electronics nearby and escape. Soon, we get to see Godzilla as he appears in Honolulu to fight the escaped MUTO. We don’t get to see this battle fully, as it is cut short by both parties presumably fleeing. Another MUTO is seen in Las Vegas, except this one is much larger and doesn’t have wings.

All three of these monsters, or kaiju as they are often called, meet in San Francisco where the two MUTO of opposite genders try to set up a nest for offspring. Godzilla then shows up and begins to battle the two. While they battle, Ford’s military group go and take a nuclear warhead away from the city in order to stop it from exploding near populated areas. Ford stays to personally destroy the nest.

To put an end to the MUTOs, Godzilla first kills the smaller one with a swipe of his huge tail, slamming it into a building. The Larger MUTO then gets killed in an epic way with Godzilla using his iconic atomic breath to sever the MUTO’s head clean off. The movie ends after Godzilla walks away from the shore and back into the ocean.

The next movie is “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” which was released in 2019. This movie shows many more kaiju than the previous movie, as they hold an even greater role.

This movie starts with two main characters, Emma and Madison Russel, in their home when suddenly the ground shakes violently, and they go to the facility where Emma has been doing research. This place holds the larva of the kaiju Mothra who starts out docile but becomes agitated when ecoterrorists attack. Emma uses a device called the Orca to calm Mothra and then gets taken by the ecoterrorists. The Orca is a device made to produce sound waves that can mimic all kaiju or animals.

Emma’s ex husband, Mark Russel, starts to go after her, and they soon end up in Antarctica. Located here is Titan Zero or Ghidorah. Emma along with the ecoterrorists blow up the ice that encapsulates Ghidorah. Once free, they use the orca to awaken him, but Godzilla soon comes and fights Ghidorah. Ghidorah flees quickly though.

Ghidorah then goes to Mexico where it fights Rodan and wins quickly. It then goes after the aircraft Mark is in. In a second, Godzilla bursts out of the ocean and takes Ghidorah down into the water where he has a much better chance of winning. Unfortunately, the U.S. military doesn’t believe in Godzilla, so they use a new weapon called the oxygen destroyer. This weapon almost kills Godzilla, but Ghidorah doesn’t get affected as it’s revealed it is an alien and doesn’t need oxygen.

As Ghidorah calls all other titans to begin havoc, Mark and the Monarch organization go deep underground through a vortex and find Godzilla resting in an ancient temple. Dr. Ishirō Serizawa makes a big sacrifice and takes a nuclear bomb to help Godzilla gain a lot more energy. After the power up, Godzilla goes to Boston where Madison was using the Orca to lure Ghidorah. Godzilla and Ghidorah battle it out along with Rodan fighting Mothra nearby.

Ghidorah gets the better of Godzilla and drops him onto Earth from space. Before Ghidorah can kill Godzilla though, Mothra comes and tries to protect him. Quickly getting killed, Mothra turns to dust, and her ashes go onto Godzilla, who begins to glow red. Emma sacrifices herself as well, using the Orca for the last time to save Godzilla from Ghidorah. Godzilla comes back and is seen glowing bright red and melting all the surrounding buildings. He charges up and releases a large blast that incinerates one of Ghidorah’s heads. The movie ends with Godzilla having the last head in his mouth, quickly burning it with his atomic breath.

The last movie, “Godzilla vs. Kong,” is more focused on Kong. Godzilla is first seen attacking the Apex facility in Pensacola, Florida. This is a huge change from previous movies, as it sets him up to be the villain for some time. The story follows Madison Russel again as she’s trying to find out why Godzilla is attacking the city. It also shows Apex and Kong trying to enter the Hollow Earth to get an energy source. As they try to transport Kong to the tunnel in order to get to the Hollow Earth, Godzilla attacks and badly injures Kong.

After some time without Godzilla in the movie, he is seen once again in Hong Kong. Here, he uses his atomic breath to blast a hole straight down into the Hollow Earth where Kong was. This sparks a battle between the two and ends up with Godzilla coming out victorious. In a quick turn, Mecha Godzilla comes out of a nearby mountain and attacks them both. This version of Mecha Godzilla is controlled by the conscience of Ghidorah since they use one of Ghidorah’s skulls as a control center. The new power from the Hollow Earth lets Ghidorah take over. The last fight ends with Kong ripping Mecha Godzilla’s head.

Coming in 2024, a new movie featuring both Godzilla and Kong will be released with them presumably teaming up from the start. There is also a new supposed villain who resembles an orangutan.

Godzilla is one of the most famous monsters to ever be created and is always great to see in movies. All of the movies mentioned are amazing in their own right and deserve to be watched so you can have a better understanding of him.