South Carolina Beach Shooting


KaLisa Veer

Isle of Palms, SC, USA

On Friday, April 7, 2023, many South Carolina high school seniors participated in an event, “senior skip day,” which is a day where the seniors skip school and go somewhere else. This annual event is supposed to be a fun day for seniors to enjoy; unfortunately, this year, it didn’t go as planned. Students went to a South Carolina beach, where gunshots were fired, turning this seemingly innocent mini vacation into a nightmare.

The shooting took place in the Coastal City of Isle of Palms, a beach on the east side of Charleston. Before the shooting occurred, a big crowd started to form, and when officers saw the crowd gathering, they went out on the beach. Two fights broke out, leading to the shooting. Shots were fired at around 5:20 p.m, but officers still don’t know who the individuals that fired are.

Although it is still unconfirmed, a 16 and 18-year-old were arrested for having the “possession of a firearm in the municipal parking lot.” Chief Kevin Cornett said, “Two guns – pistols from the two people who were arrested.” He also said that the gun used by the sixteen year old was stolen.

Cornett said that there were six injured people. Five of the injured were 18-year-olds students, and the other was a “woman around her mid-30s or early 40s,” who was just trying to have a nice and relaxing day on the beach. They were all transported to East Cooper Medical Center. Five of them were released the next day, and the other remained in the hospital in stable condition.

Cornett was at a press conference and spoke about the tragedy: “It is heart-wrenching to hear of this senseless act of violence, especially so close to home. This should have been a joyous occasion for high school students on senior skip day.”

As extremely sad as it is, shootings need to be stopped, and you can help! One way is by always checking your surroundings; if you see suspicious people or activities, instantly call 911.

If you see or hear suspicious things at school, utilize Canyon’s Text-a-Tip line using the number 661-772-7389, and the administration will quickly get involved to help protect everybody. Remember, if you hear or see something, say something!