Summer Fun



Balloons’ Beach Pedlar Girl

Temperatures are rising, and the sun is shining. It’s time for summer fun, but what fun will you be having? You’re probably thinking of the usual activities, like tanning, going to the beach, and going to amusement parks, but there are many things you can do over the summer besides going to the pool and beach.

For example, you can go jet skiing. If you do not own a jet ski or desire to purchase one, then you could rent one. In California, the average cost ranges from “$85 to $90 an hour,” but you can almost always rent them all day, which is around “$500 to $525.” It can be a bit pricey, but it is a very joyful experience and is worth the money.

Another activity you could do is go canoeing. It’s also the more affordable option. The rental range for canoeing is $15 to $55, depending on who you rent from. You might hesitate on this option if you have never been in a canoe before, but according to Peaceful Paddle, “even if you’ve never done any kind of paddling before, it shouldn’t take long to learn to correctly paddle a canoe. And while it’s good exercise, most people will be able to paddle a canoe (even if you aren’t in the best shape).” So, canoeing is not as hard as it seems; it is actually very fun and easy.

If you are not looking towards spending a lot, you are in luck! There are many things you could do for fun that don’t require you to spend money, like having a water balloon fight at home in your backyard or having a picnic. You could also just fly a kite in your backyard.

So, there you have it. There are so many fun things you can do, so just remember to wear sunscreen!