Super Mario Bros Movie Review


Daniela Amador

Super Mario Movie

Since video games were invented in the 1950s, they have become popular worldwide. Now, there are millions of different games to explore. One that stands out from the crowd is the Super Mario Bros franchise.

Shigeru Miyamoto created the Mario brothers, with Mario’s first appearance being in the 1981 Donkey Kong game. In 1983, Mario’s brother, Luigi, was introduced in an arcade game. Since then, these plumbing brothers have captured the hearts of many, and so has their world filled with magical mushrooms, carnivorous plants, and personified animals.

On April 5, 2023, the movie “Super Mario Bros” was released. Since the film’s release, fans have been racing to watch the movie.

One of the reasons for the movie’s popularity is its amazing animations. The movie’s worldwide views broke animated opening records. The previous first-place holder was the second “Frozen” movie.

Why did this movie’s animation break the record? The colors throughout the film were vibrant and brought this magical world to life. The colors also bring out the contrast between the heroes and villains of the movie. The way everything is drawn also pulls everything together. The characters aren’t drawn too cartoony or realistic; they are a perfect mix of both.

After watching the film, I think that the movie was taken in the right direction. They kept the original structure of the world and game that it is built on. Furthermore, they were able to elevate it by adding depth to the characters and expanding on the worldbuilding by venturing into Brooklyn, New York where Mario and Luigi grew up.

The movie manages to incorporate aspects of the games like the tubes, mystery blocks, power ups, and more. The movie is heavily based on the game, but it also adds to the characters’ backstories. The topics this movie covers aren’t all fun and games; it covers realistic struggles people face.

Mario has a dream to be a successful plumber. Most of his family isn’t supportive of his dream, but this doesn’t stop him from pursuing it. This shows the audience that no matter what your dream is, never let people around you stop you from achieving it.

The movie also covers bullying. They show how Mario is teased for being short and how Luigi was bullied in his youth. The difference between the two brothers is how they handle it.

Mario doesn’t let the words get to him or define him, but Luigi is more timid and fearful because of his experience. He does have character growth that allows him to gain confidence and fight. This is another lesson to the audience about not letting people’s words control you because the only person who can decide who you are is you.

Now onto the villain of the story, Bowser. Although Bowser is the antagonist, the movie makes him more than a surface-level villain. There’s more to Bowser than his tough shell; inside he is someone trying to gain their crush’s attention and love. His relatable character makes it hard to not like him. His awkward moments are funny and endearing; he even has a song dedicated to his unrequited love Princess Peach that is rumored to win actor Jack Black a spot in Awards Season.

The songs in the movie are iconic. It incorporates and references sounds from the video games. The songs that aren’t from the Super Mario Bros franchise fit the events in the story. These songs enhance the experience of the movie and bring nostalgia to fans.

Overall, the movie is a great experience for people of all ages, fans or not. If you’re going, watch out for bananas on the way.