The History Of Nike


Tati Gaiao


Nike is one of the most famous shoe and clothing brands in the world, and you can see people everywhere wearing their products. Nike first started in Eugene, Orlando, on Jan. 25, 1964.

Nike was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, but now the Knight family owns the company. Bowerman used to be a track and field coach for the University of Oregon, and he used to coach Phil Knight.

Bowerman and Knight opened their first outlet in 1966 and launched the “Nike brand shoe in 1972.” They also changed their name from Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike in 1978. The brand name Nike was inspired by, “the name of the Greek winged goddess of victory,” and the person behind the idea was Nike’s first employee, Jeff Johnson. Johnson said that the name “came to him in a dream the night before.”

As for the logo of Nike, the iconic swoosh was not their first logo. Before the swoosh, Nike’s logo had BRS in large letters. Under that, it said ‘Blue Ribbon Sports,’ but that changed in 1972 when ‘the swoosh’ first made its appearance. The swoosh was originally called ‘the strip,’ but they later changed the name to ‘swoosh,’ and it was also, “inspired by the wings of the Greek goddess Nike.”

Nike’s shoes started to become popular in 1980, and they did not just stop at their shoes; they decided to expand into the clothing industry in 1979. As Nike grew, so did their shoe and clothing options.

Nike has made over 10,000 different types of shoes such as Dunks, Jordans, Air Force 1’s, Blazers, and so much more. Nike also sponsors high school sports teams and professional teams, and you can usually find their swoosh on the top corner of players’ jerseys and pants.

Nike has come a long way. Every day they come out with something new. It could be a new shoe or style of a shoe or it could be a new piece of clothing. As the brand grows, so does their fan base. On that note, what is your favorite Nike product?