The Number 1 Movie In the Galaxy


Marvel Studios

The Guardians of the Galaxy unite one last time

“What a bunch of A-holes,” is the opposite of what you’ll be saying after watching Peter Quill and the Guardians of Galaxy in the MCU’s most depressing, yet entertaining movie of phase five.

Fans, including myself, say the MCU has “fallen off,” and it seems like each movie decreases in budget. There’s fun to be had in bits and pieces of the films, but it’s all gotten a little stale.

However, the third and final volume of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise puts an end to a great trilogy. It features an emotionally powerful plot, paired with the hilarious comedy of our space heroes.

It is a universal thought amongst the MCU fanbase and film industry that James Gunn is a marvelous producer and writer. Gunn always adds his own spin to his projects, and once again, this one is no different.

From the characters, to the music, and most importantly, the sense of humor, it all feels fresh compared to recent MCU projects. The film does a good job tying up stories and character arcs, leaving it emotional at times. Luckily, the comic relief is there to save the day, which can be corny at times, but in a good way, as there are a ton of laugh-out-loud moments and banter between the characters.

The gang’s all here! The film brings new faces to the crew, one of which is a furry little friend named Cosmo, who will without a doubt be a fan favorite in the future of the MCU. Also along for the ride is the returning character Kraglin, who is an incompetent space pirate.

The story mainly focuses on Rocket’s sad and gloomy backstory. Many fans wanted an animal abuse trigger warning before sitting in their seats, so here it is. The story takes the audience deeper into the personal journey of Rocket, exploring his growth, relationships, and consequences of his past actions.

Visually, “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3” is a stunning project. The cosmic setting allows for breathtaking visuals. From vibrant planets to gleaming space battles, the film shows us how captivating the endless universe is.

Music is an aspect less noticed in films, but it can be a strength. Volume 3 features a selection of classic rock songs that add to the overall enjoyment of the film. The highly loved soundtracks have become something iconic in Gunns’ films.

Nevertheless, there is one flaw about this film. Like any other MCU movie, the plot may feel somewhat predictable at times. While the story is compelling, some plot points might be anticipated. However, don’t let this hinder your enjoyment of the film.

I loved this movie, I loved the characters, the music, the subplots, and especially the cast. But, just like all journeys, we must bid farewell to some of the greatest MCU heroes. All in all, “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3” is a highly satisfying conclusion to a beloved franchise.