“If 2020 was a Christmas Tree”


Rockefeller Center | @rockcenternyc

The 2020 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

2020 has been filled with many ups and downs––mostly downs. From the COVID-19 outbreak to several brush fires, the last thing anyone needed was the Rockefeller tree to not meet expectations.

If you’re not familiar with the annual Rockefeller tree tradition, it is the time of year when thousands of families submit pictures and descriptions of a large Christmas tree to the Rockefeller website, in hopes of it being placed in the Rockefeller Center for everyone in Manhattan, New York to enjoy during the holiday season.

On Nov. 14, 2020, the Rockefeller Center posted a picture of the 2020 Rockefeller Tree on Twitter, captioning the photo with “Let the holiday season begin! The 2020 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has officially arrived at the Plaza.” Soon after their post on Twitter, the Rockefeller Center received many negative replies, some commenting that “it looks half dead already,” and that they “need to send it back for a refund.”

The tree came from a family in Oneonta, New York, and according to an article by People, the tree stands 75 feet tall. Although it may not look the best now, many individuals hope that once the tree has been given time to settle after the time it spent being wrapped up and transported from city to city, the decorations and tree lighting will make it look just as beautiful as past Rockefeller trees.