School With a Covid Twist


Cloyne and District Historical Society

A picture of students attending class while following Covid-19 health guidelines.

School is a very important thing in a kid’s life. Not only do they get educated and learn new subjects, they also make friends, build social skills and have fun. However, Covid-19 is making things harder day by day. School is taking place online, stores and restaurants are being shut down, and people are getting sick and are being hospitalised.

Kids are becoming more socially distant physically and mentally. They are not getting any social interaction other than talking to family and listening to their teachers and peers through their computer screen. This is not good; they are having no social interaction.

Another negative part about online learning is that kids spend about 4 hours on their electronics for school, and sometimes you don’t even know if the students are paying attention in class. Along with that, after school they could be on their electronics for a longer amount of time. School for some people is like a safe getaway, whether it’s a break from electronics, home life, or it’s just to calm down and learn new and interesting topics.

Now, school doesn’t even feel like school, it just feels like a meeting. You just sit there and listen to your teachers and pop open a tab and write stuff down. There are no interactions. You won’t get much social interaction other than asking your teachers any questions you have.

Many articles like “In-Person School During COVID-19” have ideas that can help make going back to school during COVID-19 safer. They suggest.
Having teachers move between classrooms, rather than having students fill the hallways during passing periods.
Allowing students to eat lunches at their desks or in small groups outdoors instead of in crowded lunchrooms.
Leaving classroom doors open to help reduce high touch surfaces such as doorknobs.”
Some more ways we could bring school back is by making Fundraisers for Covid protective items like plexiglass, hand sanitizers, and gloves. Teachers could stay at their desks and if there are worksheets that need to be passed out there could be a paper station where kids come up one at a time to get their papers.

There are other options instead of using paper; each kid could have a chrome book assigned to them for the entire school year and they could sanitize them daily to reduce the amount of germs that computers can pick up easily. They should also have the option of bringing a laptop from home to use.

School could be a little shorter by excluding brunch/snack and shortening lunch a little.In person school could be held for small groups at a time. Any students that are not following Covid rules could be suspended and have to join class online for the next week. Maybe class could take place outside. Students would have to sanitize and/or wear gloves, and sanitize their work/desk area before and after class.

Many students are emotionally stressed and depend on others to lend them a ear, but now since school is online, it makes it difficult for others to open up. Others also struggle with focusing online, since distractions such as their phone and computer are easily accessible to them. At school, you worry about school, and at home, you feel like there is more to worry about. I believe there are ways we can make school safe during these times. We just have to have hope that we find the best solution with what is going on now.