The Soccer Community


Fauzan Saari

A great display of fans for the soccer community is the world cup. This is a tournament that hosts 32 teams. Each team represents a country and are put into groups of 4 different countries. These groups narrow down until there are 2 teams left. The winner of the 2 teams is the champion and wins the trophy.

Competitive, fun, hectic, resilient, and passionate. These are some words most people would use to describe soccer and its community. The game is in the hearts of many players and fans alike. They stick to the game through the highs and lows, through new players and old players.

The game and community is a place where you can meet some memorable and influential people. People that you will communicate with even after the season is over. Influential people and mentors that will guide you to change and become a better player. People that will make you push yourself to new limits. These memorable people will always stick in your mind. This is mainly because of something they have done or something you have done with them that made an impact so you will always remember it, and use it when needed. You could even meet your future best friends on a team.

Your team consisting of 11 people will be like a family where you all will lean on each other and help one another grow. Whether it is mentally or physically, you will become stronger and have an amazing bond. Your team and yourself will work together and fight when the time comes. It may feel like you failed the team at times, but they will always be there to help pick you back up.

Whether a game is not going the way the players had hoped it would, or nothing seems to be working out and the team can’t get past their opponents, players don’t give up. They work together to see what they can change. They regroup and try new things, sometimes taking a step back before being able to move forward.

At times the soccer community can seem intense. This may be because of some people not liking the way the game is going or a call the ref made or didn’t make. They think it’s unfair, which sometimes can be true.

Although some downsides may be present in the sport there are upsides too. One may be finally scoring a goal that you’ve been attempting to. Another could be while waiting in between games teams get the chance to make memories, whether they are laughing at jokes, playing games, listening to music, or just talking with one another.

Players you meet will help give you a more in depth understanding about the game and how passionate players are. On and off the field, at practice and at games they are finding new easy to improve. These improvements can not only benefit the players but their teammates as well. New plays can be made thanks to the improvements and with working together rather than alone.