The Gonzo Gallery

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  • The Gonzo Gallery is based in Aspen, Colorado.

  • A series of Ralph Steadman illustrations on pictures of Hunter S. Thompson.

  • Hunter S. Thompson in a painting by Ralph Steadman.

  • Ralph Steadman Original Illustrations

  • “Devil’s Disciple” by Ralph Steadman.

  • “Draw!! Punk!!!” by Ralph Steadman.

  • Hunter S. Thompson in the painting “Devil’s Disciple”

Based in Aspen, Colorado “The Gonzo Gallery” follows illustrations by Ralph Steadman of Hunter S. Thompson.
Hunter S. Thompson was an American journalist who decided to run for Sheriff of Aspen, Colorado in 1970. During his run, political posters were made that were illustrated by Thompson’s friend and artist Ralph Steadman. These posters are now being sold and displayed at “The Gonzo Gallery.”