Self Care 101: A Guide to Starting Your Self Love Journey


Rhonda Corona

Self compromise is a part of our lives that we can’t compromise on since it does affect our mental health in many serious ways.

Self-care is essential to incorporate into our everyday lives. It’s a time where you are free to really dig deep and care for yourself both physically and mentally. Practicing self-care is a way we can show ourselves self-love.

As great as it is to be around people and socialize, dedicating time to yourself will allow you to have your own “mental check-in.” Many people tend to spread themselves thin between school, friends, and family time. While it may be fun to have an active social life, doing your own inner healing will ensure that you can be a better person to those around you.

Another great way to add some self-care into your life is by practicing forgiveness. Stop being so hard on yourself for small mistakes! Nobody is perfect and holding such high standards for yourself can take a toll on you psychologically. Being gentle with yourself and having a positive mindset throughout your shortcomings will make things less stressful, and allow you to think with a clear mind.

Expressing gratitude and focusing on the blessings you receive will move your mind away from your shortcomings. Focusing on what you can control and being grateful for what you have will allow you to see the brighter side in every negative situation.

Here at Canyon, we have a wellness center dedicated to improving your lifestyle! Workshops are available for students to attend and students can reach out to them by scheduling an appointment if they are struggling.

Self-care is something we shouldn’t have to compromise on. Everyone has their own mental health and it is vital we nurture and care for ourselves as well!