Boys Volleyball Season


Ryan Pierse

The ball is served during the Men’s Beach Volleyball Round of 16 match between Switzerland and Poland.

With Canyon Boys Volleyball receiving the stamp of approval to play this year, many players came back to enjoy their last season. With only five seniors and eight juniors, the experienced players had a lot of tutoring to do if they wanted a winning season. With only three weeks to practice until the first league matchup, against Valencia, they had a lot of work to do.

Their first game didn’t go exactly as planned, playing home against Valencia and losing in three sets. This was a very big eye-opener for the team and told them what they needed to improve on. The next day, against Saugus, didn’t go any better as the team lost in three sets again. Finally being able to go home and practice on their weaknesses, Canyon was ready for their game against Hart.

With Hart walking through the doors, everyone was excited. All four sets were very exciting, with Canyon winning their first set of the season, but it was not enough to be the team that defeated Valencia. On to the next game, playing Golden Valley, where Canyon would see their first win and in only four sets.

Starting the second half of the season was the team’s second game against Valencia at their home. Valencia and Canyon were evenly matched, though Valencia just kept the foot on the gas and beat the Canyon volleyball team in three sets again. The team received a longer break, due to one of the players on the West Ranches team tested positive for COVID-19, and had more time to work on their mistakes.

Starting the week against Saugus, one of the players on Canyon’s team was not able to play, as his Covid test results were lost, and was deemed ineligible for play. Saugus came into the gym and added to their win book winning in four sets and now it was time to play Hart at their home. The rivalry between Canyon and Hart stood tall and as game time got closer, all of the players were prepared to win. However, Hart would be the team ending out on top.

Playing their third game in a single week, Canyon went to play their first game against West Ranch and after the first set, Canyon had only lost by two points and the game seemed very winnable for both teams. The second set was no different with West ranch winning their second set by two points once again. Canyon still tried their best but it was not enough and ended up losing again in three sets.

With the last two games of the season on back-to-back days, the team wanted to make a statement of their improvement. Going against the winless Golden Valley team, Canyon made quick work of them, winning in four sets, despite the apparent calls going for GV and the annoying parents and fans. With the senior’s last game and their senior night, there were many emotions.

Going down two sets to none, the team wanted to make a comeback story. They rallied together and, after being down 19-9, they picked themselves up and came back. With the game on the line, Canyon was down 23-24 and unfortunately, Angelo Hernandez missed the last serve of the game and their high school volleyball careers. Losing 3-0 was not how the team wanted to end off; however, no one held their heads down, and instead they enjoyed everyone’s company and just being there for their last season.

Even though the Canyon team ended off on a loss and went 2-8 this season, it was a great season nonetheless. With the seniors moving onto college, the team will consist of eight seniors next year and many are hopeful in their season next year. They will have to mentor the new juniors coming aboard the team, just like the seniors did for them.