Canyon High Football: Kicking off the Season


Sophia Maybin

Canyon’s Varsity Football team runs out of the cowboy to start the first game of the season.

Canyon High School Football has been dealing with all sorts of trouble since the pandemic hit. Both Varsity and J.V. have been struggling to get their mojo back. During Covid season, the varsity team couldn’t find a way to pull out a win due to lack of players during the pandemic and the rising of COVID-19. On the other hand, J.V. had less games but still managed to pull through with a win.

A new year has started and JV started strong, as they are now 2-0! They blew out both games winning 48-7 for their season debut and 27-0 last Friday. Sadly, Varsity’s first game was cancelled because the players were exposed to covid, which made them ineligible to play.

Players now have to test once a week to ensure the safety of every player. Varsity was looking forward to having a strong start but had to wait an extra week to play St. Genevieve. Unfortunately, the result of their game was a loss after many players couldn’t practice.

With school and sports trying to be as normal as possible, COVID-19 is still affecting athletes but this is only an obstacle in the road. CHS Football takes on Royal High School this Friday the 3rd. Will J.V. pull through with another win? Will the varsity team attain their first win this season? Or will Covid come into effect?

Many questions are to be answered in this new season but Canyon believes in their players! So make sure to come out and support your Canyon Cowboys this Friday at Royal High School as they bounce back for the win!