Black Cat Crisis


Rhonda Corona

During this time of year, black cats are being bought for the spooky season, but after the holiday is over they are left out into the world, which put them in danger.

Black cats are known to be a symbol of “bad luck” and “curse anyone who comes near them.” They are thought to be witches in disguise, though this is just a myth. They are cats and shouldn’t be treated any differently than other breeds. So why are people abusing and killing them?

With Halloween quickly approaching, people are buying black cats for the spooky holiday but letting them go after this date. This can lead to many strays in potential danger. Cats are animals that depend on humans to take care of them. They bring comfort and pleasure to their owners. If you get a cat and are unable to take care of them, you can give them to a shelter where you know your cat is safe.

Black cats aren’t always known for their bad luck. In Japan, they are symbols of good luck and are believed to ward off evil. In Egyptian culture, cats were considered gods, and it never mattered what breed they were.

People kill and abuse black cats because of their color. Animal abuse is illegal and you can get in big trouble. Why? Because they are animals, they feel pain, and they have feelings like us. If you see someone attacking an animal, you should call the police.

Black cats are still cats and it has never proven that they are signs of bad luck. Abusing them because they are black has never been acceptable, even if Halloween is right around the corner.

People should do much more in protecting these innocent animals like keeping them inside. If you’re going to adopt an animal, be sure you know what the animal needs to stay healthy, and if you decide you no longer want it, bring it to a non-kill shelter.