Retro Bowl’s Rapid Rise


Screenshot by Angela Regular

Live game play on “Retro Bowl.”

If you’ve heard friends or classmates talking about “Retro Bowl” and you have no idea what that is, you’ve clicked on the right story! “Retro Bowl” is a new mobile football game created by New Stars Games and has been on the rise for the past month.

Players build their own team and manage it with the goal of winning the “Retro Bowl.” While winning games, participants must keep their dream team’s coach credible, make sure each player has a good attitude, keep their players well-rested and healthy and try to make their fans happy in order to have a successful season. Although it may seem like a lot to think about, managing your team gets easier the longer you play.

Many students at Canyon have made playing “Retro Bowl” a part of their daily routine. Junior, Aaliyah Garcia said, “I play the game because I saw a kid in my class playing it a lot. Football, in general, is fun, and being the owner of my own team is also fun.”

On the other hand, other students have found that “Retro Bowl” has taken a toll on their lives. “I hate how the game is super addictive and gets in the way of my life, so I don’t recommend downloading it,” said CHS student, Ryan Maejima. Maejima decided to delete the game after it kept him from studying for his math test.

Similar to almost anything else, “Retro Bowl” has its pros and cons. If you think you might dig yourself into a hole of procrastination and distraction by downloading the game, but you still want to try it out, I highly recommend setting a limit on your phone for a specific amount of time per day you can play. Hopefully, you can kick back and enjoy this game while the hype lasts!