Game of the Year


Vlad Kokorev

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village Biohazard.

The people have spoken, “Resident Evil Village” has taken the cake for Steam’s game of the year.

The Steam Awards is an annual event in which Steam users vote on multiple games for different categories. In a category consisting of 5 games (“New World”, “Valheim”, “Resident Evil Village”, “Forza Horizon 5”, and “Cyberpunk 2077”), “Resident Evil Village” has won the overall game of the year for 2021 with an outstanding number of votes.

But what is “Resident Evil Village” and why is it so popular?

“Resident Evil Village”, the 9th installment in the Resident Evil series, is a survival based horror game placed in the eyes of the main character, Ethan Winters. The game is provided as a sequel for “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” and continues Ethan’s journey to save his kidnapped infant daughter, Rosemary Winters.

After his travels in Biohazard, Ethan must travel through an eerie village filled with mutated monsters and multiple popular bosses.

Some of the bosses include:

Lady Dimitrescu:
One of Ethan’s stops consists of a very classy castle, owned by a vampire named Lady Dimitrescu. In the castle, players must go through puzzles while avoiding the lady herself and her three daughters (Bella, Daniela, and Cassandra). After battling her daughters and making a wreck of her house, Ethan makes his way to the balcony where he is met with a very angry Lady Dimitrescu.

Donna Beneviento:
Donna and her porcelain doll, Angie, reside in a house in the eastern mountain range. Donna is not often seen, but her doll is beside Ethan the whole time. Angie angrily tries to kill Ethan while being controlled by the even angrier Donna.

Salvatore Moreau:
Residing in the reservoir, Moreau is a slimy looking beast. Moreau is the least human looking boss in “Resident Evil: Village”. With his cape and his humongous face, he is a rather self-conscious boss. His devotion to Mother Miranda is evident by his multiple voice lines and hidden tattoos. Ethan has to face the problem of crossing the reservoir to avoid the nasty Moreau drowning him.

Karl Heisenberg:
Heisenberg can be found in his factory where he engineers and produces multiple mutants and machines. He is the only boss who resents Mother Miranda due to her only plan in making Rose her child. His residence is filled with aggressive mutants and high tech traps for the player to escape. As Heisenberg and Ethan collide, Heisenberg has a suggestion of alliance for Ethan. Will Ethan accept?

Mother Miranda:
Mother Miranda is the final boss in “Resident Evil: Village”, and rightfully so, the hardest boss. All previous bosses mentioned are controlled by her. The troops must obey her or pay the price. She is a very powerful boss with multiple kinds of moves to confuse the player.

With the defeat of Mother Miranda, what will happen to everyone?

“Resident Evil Village” allows players to fully immerse themselves in a world filled with collectables, adventure, and in-game mechanisms. The game gives a run time of 10 hours for a complete and fulfilling ending for players to cherish.

Popular Youtube Creators such as Markiplier and PewDiePie have racked up thousands of viewers with their thorough playthroughs of the game. These suspenseful playthroughs lead to viewers downloading “Resident Evil Village” themselves and indulging in the serotonin inducing game.

With “Resident Evil Village” in mind, what game do you think is going to win game of the year in 2022?