Dove Cameron’s Queer Song “Boyfriend” Influences LGBTQIA+ Teens All Around


Adiba Huq

Dove Cameron’s new EP cover depicts a couple sharing a coat together.

Disney Channel star Dove Cameron has been producing music for several years, but none of her songs lived up to her fans expectations. Her new song titled “Boyfriend” shows that she finally found her niche as a musician.

Dove Cameron came out to the public as a queer person in late 2020. However, she came out in her personal life long before that, and described how relieving it felt to be out to the public. Her song “Boyfriend” shows a difference in how far music surrounding the LGBTQ community has come. Many songs highlight the struggles that come with being outside the box of sexuality, but “Boyfriend” reminds people of the normality of being gay.

The tone of the song is very similar to “Girls Like Girls” by Hayley Kiyoko, both describing the feelings the singer has towards a girl that has a bad boyfriend, and how they are slowly trying to take her away from her bad situation. Many songs already exist for straight couples, having more queer representation in the music industry is an imporvement.

While the song itself has received mixed reviews, the impact it has had on normalizing queerness to teens and young adults is worth more than a couple bad reveiws.