The Bengals Show their Stripes as they Crash through the playoffs for the first time in 31 years



Bengals vs Rams 2022: Who will win the Super Bowl 2022?

Joe Burrow, the former Louisiana State University QB, has led the unlikely Super Bowl-bound Cincinnati Bengals through the 2021-22 season and the playoffs. The LSU graduate has been a huge force in the NFL ever since his drafting in 2020. He is leading the team as they bounce back from a disappointing season last year as they did not make the playoffs due to Jos Shiesty’s injury.

This has been an outstanding year for the Bengals, as even their city didn’t expect this level of success. One Cincinnati resident said, “You know, your team plays badly for so long, you just start to expect failure. But this has been an amazing surprise that our city really needs.”

The city of Cincinnati needs this win, and they have been doing everything they can to celebrate this Super Bowl run already. Cincinnati Education Superintendent Tianay Amat has given the day after the Super Bowl off as a holiday to celebrate the preemptive win for their Bengal Tigers.

They costed past, first Raiders first with a 26-19 win, then they upset the King-clad Titans with a 19-16 win. Lastly, the Kansas City Chiefs with an incredible 34-31 victory.

As the Super Bowl nears, the excitement in both Los Angeles and Cincinnati ramps up. The Rams are dragging their hooves and the Bengals are flashing their teeth in anticipation for what is sure to be a legendary matchup. Who are you cheering for in the 2022 Super Bowl? Will you be donning the orange and white stripes? Or will you swap those out for some yellow and blue horns?