Hurley Pro Sunset Beach



Barron Mamiya of Hawaii placed second in Heat 2 of Round 2 at the Corona Bali Protected, 2018.

The wind blew through the hair of surfer Barron Mamiya as he dropped into an 11-foot monster wave. He cut and sliced through the crystal clear, beautiful Hawaiian water, using various maneuvers to score a 9.2 with the judges at The Hurley Pro Sunset Beach.

The Hurley Pro Sunset Beach is a surfing competition that is held in Sunset Beach, Hawaii. It is a huge cultural event for surfers and residents of the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii. It brings together some of the biggest names in surfing, as well as new competitors and thousands of eager fans. Kelly Slater was a participant in the competition, as well as Jon Jon Florence and Gabriel Medina.

This event is held in February when waves are bigger and the winter storms still have a little bit left in them. The biggest wave of the competition was 12 feet and the rest were steady around 8-10 feet. These competitions are extremely well planned and are always carefully placed during times when the surf is at its best size.

As far as surfing is concerned, this competition is one of the biggest in the world. It is a surfing competition, but also much more. It is a conglomerate of Hawaiian music, food, style, and tradition. Many small businesses are able to flourish during this 12-day competition as there are so many hungry people who want souvenirs at the event.

Surfing fans come from far and wide to celebrate their passion for surfing together. This year’s competition was especially rowdy, as people return to life from Covid and participate in more social events. Many surfing competitions were either postponed or canceled throughout the worldwide pandemic. Just as many were made to be done without any spectators or fans on the beach.

The Hurley Pro Sunset Beach surfing competition was a revolutionary competition that brought many new surfers into stardom. The winners this year were Brisa Hennessy and Barron Mamiya, both under the age of 25. Hennessy is a Costa Rica native who is new to the professional surfing scene but rocked the boat in one of her biggest competitions yet. Mamiya has lived in Hawaii his whole life and was born and bred for surfing.

The Hurley Pro Sunset Beach competition was a successful event for surfing, the Hawaiian economy, and social healing from Covid.