M.C.U youngest members introductions!


Rhonda Corona

The Marvel Cinematic Universe expands by introducing the newest generation of heroes to help in LGBTQ representation in entertainment.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is a franchise we’re all familiar with, but as the years pass by this universe grows. Many people love Stan Lee’s world that he created alongside Jack Kirby.

Over the years, superheroes’ popularity has grown significantly, especially for movie producers. Even in times of crisis, our heroes gave us hope and faith.

A few young superheroes are joining the cinematic universe or are already featured, such as the new upcoming series that will be released in June, “Ms. Marvel.” As many know, this name belonged to Captain Marvel, but Kamala Khan has taken this mantle.She is an Pakistani-American superhero that is located in New Jersey, who will change the entertainment industry for MCU fans who are excited to see how she’ll be portrayed, and that will develop inclusiveness for heroes in other countries.

Another strong female superhero is America Chavez who recently made her debut in “Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness” as a hispanic, superpowered teenager. Her appearance in the comics as a member of the Young Avengers, has opened an opportunity for Marvel Studios to introduce movie fans to this super strength female. The actor who plays America Chavez, Xochitl Gomez, has said, “she’s a 14-year-old girl figuring out this very traumatic element of her life, which is not the LGBTQ issue, it’s the fact that she keeps being tossed around the Multiverse multiple, multiple times”(Doctor Strange 2 Star Talks America Chavez’s “Positive Representation).

As of 2021, Marvel Studios released the “Hawkeye” series, featuring Hailee Steinfield as Kate Bishop, the new female archer. Her role in the MCU is uncertain as her series has already ended, but surely the directors have something in store for Marvel fans. “Steinfeld and Renner are good foils for each other, as Bishop pushes Barton to relax and he tends to her like a fussy aunt”(The New York Times). This duo are seen as a serious adult and moody teenager struggling to get along, in the comics there is a relationship that causes laughs and infuriating moments for fans. The MCU has introduced a series of new characters for future years and to make a positive impact on how we view certain issues and these heroes keep inspiring us.

Another rarely discussed hero is “Wiccan” a.k.a Billy Kaplan, a young superhero that alters reality and is a part of the LGBTQ+ community with his boyfriend “Hulkling ” a.ka. Teddy Altman, a shapeshifting kree prince. He made his first appearance as a young powered kid in Marvel’s “Wanda Vision” and “Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness”. Although his appearance is short, there is no doubt that he’ll become an important character in the MCU in the future. Aside from being a part of the MCU, his role in the comics is crucial because during Pride month there will be a series called, “Marvel Voices: Pride”, that connects to how heroes are represented and seen. Although his appearance in the MCU has not disclosed the sexual orientation of Billy Kaplan many fans are excited for this LGBTQ member to be on the big screen to bring awareness for all community members alike and hope for inclusivity.

Even in 2022, Marvel Studios has not finished creating their films and featuring more characters. Though their future is uncertain, the MCU will prove that these new heroes will lead to more inclusion and equality for people of different backgrounds.