How Canyon Football Is Going So Far


Ava Welch

Canyon Students Supporting Their Team in The Student Section

The new school year has started, which means it is time for football season. The Cowboys have practiced hard all summer long for this season, and so far they have won 2 games and lost 3.

Here’s an overview of the season so far.

The first game was a great start to the season. Varsity played Canoga Park High School, taking their first win of the season with the score being 35-6. The game was a real eye pleaser and created a good look for them.

At the very first home game, Canyon students and families came together to fill the stands and support our team. With it being the first Friday night lights since last season, it is normal to wish for a win, and that is exactly what the team gave us. The Cowboys took a beautiful win against Hueneme High School with the score of 28-7. It was a great first home game.

The common phrase “you win some you lose some” is a good mentality to have when playing football. Even though Canyon took their first loss, it was definitely still a game that kept the fans on the edge of their seats. Playing against Harvard Westlake High School was great competition. The Cowboys fought hard and never gave up. But sadly, they lost, with the score being 14-6.

Kicking off league with playing against West Ranch High School was not the greatest, but it is only the first game of league, and there are many more games to come to make up for the loss.

After speaking with Coach Holsenback about what he had to say about the team and the games coming up, he stated, “We play in a very good league, which means we have to be prepared mentally and physically to bring our A game each and every week. The players have been working hard to improve on a daily basis, and we look forward to our opportunities on Friday nights to get on the field and compete!”

The other coaches and players are not letting a few bad games put them down. This only makes them more determined to win their upcoming games.

The Cowboys take on the Castaic Coyotes on Sept. 30th here at Canyon. Be sure to attend!