Are Character Surveys Helpful?

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When you take a survey, it is supposed to magically place you into a category that the system thinks best describes what kind of person you are. For instance, it decides if you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert.

The idea of thinking for yourself can be tricky, but filling out a survey to help identify your traits of what you are can be beneficial.

First off, who created the survey and these character questions? Marcel Proust, a French author who created these characteristic questions, used them for his character interview in his stories in 1924. A survey was conducted by Paul Felix Lazarsfeld, an Austrian-American sociologist in the 1930s; however, there are still not enough details to explain the reasoning behind all of this.

So, why were these types of surveys created? How do they benefit people? It was most likely to help people understand what kind of qualities they have and have a better understanding about themselves as they dive deeper into their attributes.

Many students can agree that doing these surveys like Xello and are you an introvert or extrovert? are very beneficial and helpful to find out what kind of traits you possess, what your work style is, and how you can apply those traits into your life, job or career.

Alexis Garcia, a freshman and staff writer for The Pony Express, says, “Yes, these are helpful, and they classify general flaws and positive traits that I may have. They definitely are much easier to help you figure out what kind of personality you have.”

Diego Ortiz, a senior, can agree with Alexis because he states that “many surveys are helpful to give you a different perspective of what kind of personality you have.”

I would have to agree with doing these types of surveys because it helps you explore your traits as well as how you can improve in your daily life. For some people it is difficult to try and think about all the traits you have; most people would only list three traits when there is a whole lot more to your personality.

In my opinion, I think it would be difficult if these types of surveys were not created because, for some people, it is harder to think of something positive about yourself instead of having someone else describe your personality.

Overall, these characteristic surveys are very helpful to people and students because it helps you explore how your traits can go into even more effect if you were to work or hangout with friends, family, or while you are at school. It gives you an idea of making sense of these traits in a positive and negative way.