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Trinity Contreras

Trinity Contreras, Staff Writer

Trinity Contreras is a senior staff writer in the journalism program, she has been with the program and has been a staff writer for only a year, this is now her second year writing for the Pony Express. She’s part of an opinion and creative writer. Trinity is a very passionate writer and  wants to create pieces that don’t get a lot of recognition and wants to give readers something to think about as they read. She uses her writing skills to give people a different perspective of what to think about. Her inspirations come from anything that she thinks about or that randomly pops in her head. Trinity then uses that idea as a topic and creates a beautiful article piece. In the future Trinity hopes to succeed and major in journalism for college and wants to be the type of writer that writes about anything whether it’s being a poet or an author, she doesn’t have a preference. Outside of school during her free time she reads, watches anime, or writes some more.

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It’s Cold! – Poem

Trinity Contreras, Staff Writer
December 20, 2022
Whats the best bottled water?

Cheap or Expensive Water?

Trinity Contreras, Staff Writer
October 12, 2022
Early hot summer day with ripe cornfield with Erlangen skyline shimmering in about 12 Km

A Boiling Summer in California

Trinity Contreras, Staff Writer
September 19, 2022
Good Morning Life

Warm Weather

Trinity Contreras, Staff Writer
March 11, 2022
Bright evening at the park.

Time and Life Colliding

Trinity Contreras, Staff Writer
November 8, 2021
San Franciscos afternoon vibe

Life after 2020

Trinity Contreras, Staff Writer
September 14, 2021
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Trinity Contreras