It’s Cold! – Poem

Knowing that it’s colder now.
I can dress my warmest and coziest.
Although the leaves falling can be sad.
But noticing their color is beyond beautiful, from red to yellow it definitely shouts
“It’s Fall!”

In California it may not snow all throughout, from mountains to beaches.
Though in other states it’s as cold as ice and they get a whoosh of weather that feels nice.
But here at home temperatures have changed just enough to get some rain.

It may not drop to 20 degrees but it lowers around 50.
It may not be the time to wear our spring outfits, nevertheless everyone’s wearing the attire that represents the change in climate.

Knowing that it’s cold you are not limited to not doing nothing.
Reading can be for you.
Playing games is fun too.
Movies are a classic.
Baking is new.
Be creative with all things that you can do.

Just because it’s cold there’s Christmas to look forward to.
Friends to hangout with.
Family to see.
Make the most out of this cold weather for things can change and happen at any given moment.