Lucky Lily


Rhonda Corona

Every year, growth can be found all around, whether it’s the flowers growing in the garden after the snow, or emotional growth to a new path in life.

Picking flowers in the meadow,
Daydreaming about the sun,
Life without light is known to be dark,
There’s a balance between life and nature.

A road,
A street,
A place,
A start,
Each path leads to something new,
Each path leads to different sections of the road,
Each path is made by the decisions and choices you make.

New starts,
Lucky lilies,
Lucky daisies,
Snowfall fades,
The water flows to new heights,
Are we doing something right?

Mistakes can happen,
Sad faces can appear,
Remember to say sorry when you’re near.

The walls form like popcorn popping in a machine,
Break the chain of this so-called string,
Know your worth and freedom,
Lilies bloom once a year,
You’re not a flower born out of fear,
Be smart,
Be intelligent,
Make it crystal clear about who you are for this new year.