Warm Weather

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Warm weather that changes life.
Rainy days drain our rose bushes,
they’ll bloom for months to come.

Warm weather that brings sunny days.
People walk and bike-ride outside,
Winter will pass,
Spring will arrive.

Warm Weather appears and it’ll thrive as the winter days are over.
Iced tea or lemonade, what will we prefer?
Chilly days or breezy, what will the skies choose?
Beaches now packed instead of empty.

Warm Weather in all brings people together.
We’ll still have chats around the campfire,
We’ll still watch the stars together,
We’ll have time to do other things that last forever.

Warm Weather,
Warm Weather,
Allows us to have BBQs and get togethers.

Warm Weather,
Warm Weather,
Is more than just getting things done,
It’s so much more and having fun.